2017 ford GT

There will be only 500 lucky people this year, who will receive a gift of the newly released 2017 Ford GT. The newly released model will be having an exotic body, a mid-engine and 7 speed automatic yet dual clutch is installed here in. the body is constructed using carbon fiber to make it as light as possible and in the meantime, it will be offering a reliability like no other material. The body shape is quite aerodynamic, it suits and meets all the requirements for a sports car. The company is planning to produce 1000 such vehicles and the project will be initiated in summer.



Keeping the company with exotics is the motto for Ford manufactures. The most recent variants for the same flagship includes bombshell of 2015 Detroit auto show, the show was organized for a GT hypercar. The concept of new Ford wasn’t a surprise for Ford lovers as they are of the notion that Ford will be releasing all new GT in a show of Le Mans in 2016. Ford planned the entire ceremony with such a mastery skill that for every second one’s jaws open wider every second. It is blessed with more than 600 ponies. An entire full carbon-fiber base and body panels. The body shape is quite aerodynamic.


There are several enhancements in the engine for upcoming 2017 model. There is a twin turbocharged 3.5 Liter eco boost V-6 engine. The engine produces a power of 600 ponies and a torque is expected to be around 500 pounds per feet. Besides this, it comes with a dual clutch seven-speed automatic transmission control manual option is not installed in the model.


Ford is considered to be quite effective in mileage as the vehicle is producing a lot of power. The engine provides a greater efficiency along with the higher mileage. Though actual mileage yet to be specified by the manufacturers.


The price of 2017 Ford fulfills the thing that is deemed by a sports car. This speed machine will costs you around $400,000. With such a price, the Ford is only offering this car to only about 500 buyers this year. And the plant is assumed to be producing 1000 cars as a whole.


Its interior style found to be closely related with that any sports machine of a modern era. The exterior is built so as to provide enough room to the driver and front seaters. Though the roof is quite low but it ain’t creates any trouble to the person sitting in the beast. It has some cool gadgets installed that draws one’s attention and are handier to use while driving.



The suspension installed in this vehicle are quite considerable as these are the most vital components for a sports car these vehicles have active inboard suspension. These suspensions have an additional perk of being pushrod-actuated enhanced damping that provides favorable results. Another interesting thing in the Ford 2017’s exterior is its spoiler.it performs the task of air brake function. It is adjustable in either direction horizontal and vertical resulting in added drag force or enhanced downforce.