What Should You Do When Your Car Tire Gets a Puncture on a Highway?

You’re travelling on a highway and suddenly you notice your vehicle is pulling to one side, making it difficult for you to control the steering wheel. You get out of the car to find out what’s causing the problem and discover a puncture on one of your tires. Well, this is something that no one would like to go through, especially when on a highway. In such scenario you are not supposed to get panic; instead, you should act wisely to handle the situation in a better way and avoid any mishap.

What Should You Do When Your Car Tire Gets a Puncture on a Highway?

After pulling the car to the side of highway, you should immediately contact a nearby mobile tire repair service to get your tire fixed in a timely manner. You can use your smartphone to search for service providers specializing in wheel replacement and puncture repair. While looking for mobile tire repair services, be sure to use the right wording to get the most relevant results on search engine. The following search queries are sure to help you get the best puncture repair services in any part of Israel: החלפת גלגל,תיקון פנצ׳ר, פנצ׳ריה 24 שעות. Always look for those that have a good reputation among online users. There’s no point in trying novices who are more likely to waste your time and money. 

Most Common Causes of Punctures

In addition to nails, there’re several other things that can give you a tough time. These include:

Sharp rocks – When driving in harsh terrains, it’s more likely that you will come across sharp rocks that can puncture your tire.  So it’s highly advised that you use tires that are designed to withstand off-road conditions. 

Screws and bolts – Like nails, screws and bolts can be anywhere and damage your tires to a certain extent. 

Broken glass and Construction Debris – Glass debris can also be deadly for your tires, which is largely found in construction areas. The construction debris may be in different forms such as steel components, or metal sheets, which have the potential to damage and puncture your tires.