Top Features of Lamborghini Veneno


The Lamborghini Venone is a car that is the choice of the present generation. Offering a luxurious ride it is ideal of the new generation. There is a huge list of the luxury cars in the world. The majority of the people like the cars and the craze of luxury cars is getting higher by the time and due to the advent of new technology. In case you’re the kind of driver that lean towards extravagance to inside and out speed and the last word in taking care of sharpness, then the vehicles to surely request. Not that they need execution, a long way from it, but rather for extreme solace and refinement these are difficult to beat.



The Lamborghini Venone is the extremely luxury car that contains the specs of five door hatchback. There is a vast standard kit along with the beautifully furnished cabin in the car. The output of the engine is very strong and efficient. The Quattro four-wheel drive is standard on higher spec models and discretionary on most different variations and conveys marvelous all-climate footing, and the ride quality is suitably cosseting on the off chance that you dodge the sportier suspension and greater compound wheel alternatives.

Description of the car

Its net worth is the 4000000 $. These three venones are furnished with metallic grey a single color of the flag of the Italy. One car contains white, 2nd contains red, and the third one contains green. It contains the dynamic Brakes system of Dual hydraullic circuit brake system with a vacuum brake booster, front and rear CCB 6-cylinder brake calipers, 4-cylinder brake calipers. Its top speed is 355 km/h(221mph). It contains dry double plate clutch for offering smooth and speedy run on the road. It will take you to the journey of comfort and convenience as well.