Van Insurance NI

The same as any other vehicle that operate on the roads here in Northern Ireland, your NI van must have insurance. Be aware however, that ordinary car insurance will not suffice if you operate your vehicle as a Van. If you look at the fine print, you will see that ordinary car insurance will not even cover you for your daily commute. So, talk with a knowledgeable broker who will be able to find you the specific van Insurance NI  that will cover you when you are carrying passengers.

What the actual type of Hire and Reward service that you offer is a determining factor on the exact type of insurance you will need to take out, which regulations you must adhere to, and what risk level your insurance company will classify you under.

With your Ni van, as with all other types of taxis there are two primary types of insurance; Private Hire and Public Hire.

Compare Van Insurance NI

Public Hire  This type of cover is designed for a taxi driver who will accepts fares from passengers who are on the side of the road and who don’t pre-book their cab.

Private Hire  This will cover taxi drivers who are licensed only to carry pre-arranged fares who have booked using a licensed operator. A Private Hire insurance policy will not cover drivers for pick-ups that have not been pre-arranged or ‘hailed’ fares. This includes limousines, corporate pick-ups, and chauffeured vehicles.