4 Signs You Need to Repair Your Garage Door Opener

The garage is the most utilized section of your house, with the exception of the kitchen. You park your car inside it if it rains, you store things in it that aren’t in your other rooms, and you drive into it every day. The last thing anyone wants is for their garage door to stop working, but it happens. Fortunately, there are several signs that will warn you when your garage door opener is on its way out so you can prevent issues from popping up.


Signs you need to repair your garage door opener

  1. The garage door opens but immediately begins to descend again.

If this happens, your garage door opener has probably reached the end of its life. Sometimes garage doors will attempt to close but get stuck halfway down because something is obstructing it. Fixing the garage door opener should solve this problem, but don’t attempt to do it yourself, as garage door openers are dangerous and can easily hurt you if they’re not taken apart correctly.

  1. The garage door opens but then closes again immediately.

This means that your garage door opener needs oil, which is another reason you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. You can buy garage door opener oil at any garage door repair shop, and most home hardware stores carry the supplies as well.

  1. The garage door opens but makes a lot of noise.

This doesn’t mean that your garage door is broken so much as it is stretched out and needs some lubricant. Garage door opener oil can fix this problem, but garage door opener repair Newport News might be required as well. When garage doors are old or worn out, they need to be replaced.

  1. The garage door takes too long to open and close.

Your garage door opener is probably fine, but the garage door itself might not be working correctly anymore. This can happen because of a variety of reasons, from worn-out garage door springs to a broken garage door track.

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