How to Avoid Damages in any Shipment?

Unfortunately, many shipments are somehow mismanaged during the various processes. Problems can happen at any phase of shipment. This can be induced by a number of problems, such as shock, humidity, vibration, temperature or orientation.

How to Avoid Damages in any Shipment?

However, when we come across a damaged order, it may be because of your shipping method. There may also be items that were not properly protected in the box. This is exactly why items should be wisely marked and packed.

Always think about the fragility, shape, and weight of the shipment (ส่ง สินค้า ทาง เรือ, which is the term in Thai) you like to send. Sometimes the particular packaging has a bad quality or incorrect size, but the responsibility for choosing the most correct method to pack the goods is from the sender. Again, your object should be safe from any vibration or shock.  However, it also should be transported, lifted and moved easily.

What if you send more than one items?

If you like to send multiple shipments in a single order, separate all types of objects and cover each item with care. Remember to put heavier objects on the bottom, not the top. Put smaller or loose objects in an extra plastic container or bag. This prevents them from separating during the sending.

It is also significant to fill out all the empty space within the pack. If possible, waterproof your contents (plastic paper or plastic bags). It is highly recommended to cover your objects with bubble wraps and place them in a suitable carton. You can also use an old box again for shipping. However, make sure that it is still good enough to handle the trip, and that there’re no prior shipping labels. These may confuse the carrier that is handling your request. It is also advisable to use wider packaging tape to seal the pack.