Transport of Fragile Cargo: 5 Essential Cares

Fragile cargo transportation is one of the great challenges of any parcel delivery service (บริการ ส่ง พัสดุ, which is the term in Thai). If proper attention is not given to it, many malfunctions may arise and lead to financial loss, rework or loss of sale.

To help you in this process, we have prepared this post with five factors that must be followed. Check out!

Transport of Fragile Cargo: 5 Essential Cares

  1. Flag and highlight fragile items

The packaging of each item should clearly show that it is a fragile product. It should also inform the correct side and form of storage, the maximum stacking limit and if any type of weight can be placed on it.

  1. Use shims and liners in packages

Packaging is the main way to pack the product and minimize impacts on the merchandise. To ensure safe transportation, you need to use reinforced packaging, using shims and liners – bubble wrap, styro-foam and crumpled paper are good alternatives.

  1. Keep the documentation updated

Some modalities are more restrictive or require more attention to documentation: when appropriate, it avoids problems in any situation. Always inform what is in the packaging (product, quantity, weight, value and other relevant data) and your risk classification.

  1. Be aware of loading

You can minimize the chance of errors and malfunctions in the process by paying attention on following tips:

  • Proper cleaning of the vehicle;
  • Floor of the vehicle in good condition;
  • Risk of damage during the loading process;
  • Points of humidity that can affect the merchandise;
  • Firm fitting of the products;
  • Positioning of heavy items.
  1. Strong partnership with specialized carriers

Establish partnerships with carriers specialist is one of the most important to be taken care. These companies already have experience, know the right type of vehicle and their drivers are trained (and can guide the operators in the act on loading).