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So, you might be thinking that now you can do whatever you want because you own a licence which is actually hard to get. But your work doesn’t end here. There are many aspects of driving besides going from one place to another. As you are now in charge of your car, then you should know how to keep it well maintained.

We have combined some necessary things that you shouldn’t forget especially if you are a rookie. Proper scheduled maintenance and replacement of car parts on time is pivotal for a economical car.

licence recently

When stopped by a police officer!

I wish you don’t get into such situation. But if you do by any chance, don’t panic and avoid doing silly and sudden moves. Just calmly pull to a safe side of the road and roll down the window.

Make sure you don’t argue with officer. That will definitely worsen the case.

Check engine light illuminates

Check engine light can signal to more than one car related problems. It shouldn’t be ignored because it could bad catalytic converter which is really expensive to replace, or could be loose gas cap, or a faulty oxygen sensor that is not providing right data to the computer and is causing decreased gas mileage.

Plenty of possibilities for a check engine light are there. But oxygen sensor, faulty mass air flow sensor, catalytic converters, loose gas caps and worn spark plugs are the most common ones.

Make sure you visit a trustworthy technician or a mechanic who will decipher the code and tell you what exactly is wrong so that you can make amendments.

As always regular maintenance is the key to avoid heavy repairs.

If you get into an accident

I really wish this time, that you don’t get into one. But if you are not lucky enough, still don’t worry. Stay calm and put.

First of all, pull to the safe side of road and turn on warning lights of your vehicle. The next thing you should do is to call 911. Also, even though the situation in hand will make you vulnerable but make sure you know what exactly happened and who was at fault exactly. This is because some scammers forge accidents to claim false insurance money blaming it all on you.

So, know what damages have been done to your car at the time of accident and make sure to collect evidence.

If you get stuck in snow

stuck in snow

If you have to urgently get to a destination in blizzard and you get stuck, what will you do? First and foremost keep your cell phone charged so that you can call for emergency help.

There are various ways like pulling your car using snow chains or taking help of natives but let’s take a look at something technical i.e. forward and backward technique.

Start your vehicle and watch your front tire by sticking your head out of the window. Engage the lowest gear and move forward a bit. Now slowly back up. Make sure you don’t rev the engine.

Stop and put it in forward and apply a little gas. This will give your car enough traction to get out of the snow.

But if you are still an inexperienced, it’s better to have emergency things before you head out in such weather and always call for help. It will be safe!

Throttle cable sticking occasionally

Improper response from throttle cable can be experienced when pressing gas pedal if the internal wire of the cable is dirty, broken and needs replacement.

You will even experience problems while engaging cruise control.  So as a safety measure, get your car’s throttle cable replaced or cleaned if it needs to. Make sure you go to a professional.

If you are driving in rain

While driving in rain, dangers of hydroplaning are most common. One could lose steering and braking control and can get into a fatal accident.

Speed kills. So is here. Slow down in rains especially if your vehicle is experiencing hydroplaning. Waiting for a few minutes than rushing to your destination can be safer option.

Make sure you turn your car headlights on in such situation. This will alert other drivers of your presence on road.

Check fluid levels

For a smooth and reliable car ride, make sure to inspect the essential fluids in your car periodically or regularly.

Make sure you check engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid regularly. It is very important for the fluids to be clean and odourless so give a thorough inspection. This not only help in discovering the condition of fluid but you can also find leaks in your vehicle that are root cause of some potential car problems.

Go through Owner’s manual

The owner’s manual is not just a spare handbook provided by your car manufacturing company. It contains a lot of solutions to your car’s problems.

Do you know what every light on your dash means? If not, go through your owner’s manual once.

If you don’t know whether you are driving with an underinflated tire or not or even worse how to change a flat tire then your handbook would be your saviour. So, read the maintenance information carefully before heading off.

Using Bluetooth for making calls

Though it is strictly forbidden to use the mobile or handheld devices while driving but if you somehow need to make or take an urgent call or message, make sure your companion knows how to connect your smart phone via Bluetooth.

We still don’t recommend using Bluetooth because according to some state’s laws it is also counted as a distraction object and you could end up paying heavy fines for using one. So before moving further, make sure you know how lenient your state or province’s driving laws are to the usage of smart phones or even Bluetooth.

Keeping these guidelines in mind while you prepare to drive will make it less scary. For online shopping of auto parts or performance car parts, don’t forget to visit PartsAvatar performance car or truck parts.