Parts Avatar Would Tell You How Often You Should Change Your Transmission Fluid

Are you confused that should you change your transmission fluid or not? The answer to this question would depend upon a lot of factors. The most common is how often you use your vehicle and the recommendations from your car manufacturers. Most of the drivers are recommended to change your auto transmission fluid after covering 24,000 kilometres. Some people may also tell you to change it after 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres.


What does Transmission Fluid do?

All the moving parts which lie inside the transmission system are lubricated, cleaned and protected with the help of transmission fluid.  When it comes to the automatic transmission vehicles, it acts as a coolant as well as a mediator which would deliver the engine’s power to the transmission. There are various fluids for different fluid transmission systems. There is a wide variety of oils in the manual transmission. They are as follows:

  • Regular Motor Oil
  • Hypoid Gear Oil
  • Automatic Transmission Motor Oil

If you want to know that what type of fluid is best for your car, then you can always refer to your vehicle owner’s manual.

Should you change your transmission fluid when it is recommended?

Yes! The service should always be done and it totally varies according to the vehicle and the manufacturer. It is generally recommended to change the fluid after every 48,000 kilometres. But there are a lot of mechanics who recommend that the fluid should be changed after every 24,000 kilometres.  It is always recommended to follow the schedule which is mentioned in your owner’s manual.

How is transmission fluid quality affected?

Most of the people follow stop-and-go practice may travel long distances and sometimes even rough driving are the main causes of the deterioration of the transmission fluid. These are the reasons due to which one has to go for more frequent fluid changes. Some of the problems due to which the transmission fluid gets dirty are as follows:

  • Some sort of unusual noise coming from the transmission
  • Rough shifting
  • Slipping up of the gear
  • The reaction gets delayed while you are shifting

How does the transmission fluid degrade?

The above mentioned driving conditions are extreme and can raise the operating temperature of the transmission. This causes the heat to increase and it is further transferred to the fluid. Due to this reason, the fluid won’t be able to perform its function of cooling the transmission.

transmission fluid

As the transmission is stressed, the moving parts can experience friction and this would lead to the particles which could contaminate the transmission fluid. Due to this reason the overall performance gets affected. At the end you will have to get an expensive transmission repair or you may also have to replace your entire transmission system.  If you don’t want to face such financial setback, then you must change your transmission fluid at the right time.

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