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Believe it or not, there are various auto DIYs that you can perform yourself!!
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If you think you will have to rely on your mechanic for every single big or small repair job of your car, and then get rid of that illusion now! This is because; there are various DIY tasks that you can take care of yourself. In this way, you will not only save money on expensive mechanics and their labour but will also learn something new!

Isn’t it satisfactory to be able to do a job yourself, especially when it is related to your beloved car. Here, PartsAvatar auto body parts have enlisted some of the easy DIYs auto repairs that you can accomplish in your small home garage.

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Car fuel filter

Car fuel filter is the easiest thing to replace. But if don’t get it replaced timely, then the engine of your car would be driving on clogged fuel which is extremely dangerous for your car.

This filter helps to filter out both moisture and the trash that may get into the vehicle’s fuel system. But if you are struggling with your vehicle’s efficiency and mileage issues, then you must get your car fuel filter inspected immediately. Replacing fuel filter is not a big thing and its not much expensive as compared to other engine components.

Spark plugs

If your vehicle is not starting when turning on the key or the engine is hesitating in getting warming up for the ride then perhaps you must give a keen look at your car’s spark plugs.

Spark plugs play a pivotal role in ignition system of your car and they help in burning the air fuel mixture through the spark produced by them. But by time, they could get corroded or the gap between both plugs may widen. So, maintaining them is not that difficult.

You can easily install new spark plugs by removing old ones using socket wrench and then fitting the new ones in their place. Don’t forget to seal them perfectly using grease in the end!

Car brake pads

This is something that you can’t take chance with. For the safety of your family or even your safety on road, you must keep them well maintained. Inspect the brake pads and brake rotors of your cars to ensure that they are not worn.

Replace brake pads immediately if they have been worn out. We recommend you to choose beck arnley, EBC etc. for better braking of your car.

Moreover, replacing car brake pads is not a big deal. All that you require is lug net wrench, socket set and a c clamp. Maintain them for your safety.

Car Windshield

While driving, your sole focus is on road. What if the view in front of you is not clear? You will definitely get hit or go on wrong way especially if you are dealing with extreme weather like snow, storms, cyclone or fog.

Dirt, bugs and other grime can quickly accumulate on your windshield. Make sure you clean it. It can be done by using various car windshield cleaning products or even water can do wonders if only you know how to correctly make your windshield clear of streaks.

While cleaning, make sure that you use microfiber rag and microfiber towel to clean the windshield.

Transmission flushing

What do you need to lubricate the moving parts inside your car’s transmission? Its actually the transmission fluid that not only lubricates the transmission system but also acts as a coolant that carries power from car’s engine to the transmission.

It depends upon your vehicle’s make and model to change the transmission fluid. For that, check out your car’s manual and see what the manufacturer has recommended to you. Make a plan of transmission flush according to its recommendations.

Time for flushing depends on manual and automatic transmission for instance, if you are driving a manual car, you might be recommended to change it near 30000 miles.

Its simple to flush the old transmission fluid and all you have to do is warm up your transmission by idling and selecting through the gears. Make sure to check for leaks. You can simply locate drain plug, drain old fluid, remove old gasket, clean oil pan, install new gasket and replace filter, reinstall drain plug and refill new fluid. Make sure to circulate it by starting the engine and using all gears to move the fluid.

Finally adjust the correct the gear and check the level of transmission fluid.

Transmission flushing

Power steering flush

Who assists your vehicle in turning the wheels at low speeds? Without power steering, the road grabbing tires would be losing their traction and it would become extremely difficult to take a turn with the help of steering wheel.

Overtime, the foreign particles start accumulating in power steering fluid which may include metal, plastic, rubber that has been worn over time.

Its easy to flush the power steering fluid. All you need to do is by jacking up the car, remove the fluid, place drip pan under fluid return hose, remove the return hose, flush old fluid and fill in the new one, check the leaks. These are simply shown to say that the process of flushing does not require some special heavy tool. You can also browse online videos on flushing the fluid and can re-enact the same scene on your own vehicle. Make sure to choose the right fluid or for better results go with your manufacturer’s choice.

You don’t need to pay for these trivial DIY jobs.  They might be trivial to perform but ignoring them might cost you loads. Make sure to maintain your car and check it regularly for better driveability.