Four Common Types of Brake Squeaks

Do your car brakes squeak?

If there is any squeak in your vehicle, then it becomes annoying and then later it would get worse. Here are the four most common types of squeaks that come from the brakes. These are the common problems that come through the shop every day. Now you will be able to understand why this auto part squeaks.


The four most common types of Brake Squeaks are as follows:-

  1. Morning squeak from overnight rain, dew or condensation moisture
  2. Thinning brake pads set off brake wear indicator squeak
  3. Brake pads of low quality with high metal content
  4. Rear drum brake squeaks when shoe to backing late contact points need lubrication


Types of Brakes

  1. Disc Brakes

Most of the brakes which are used today are disc brakes. In this the pad presses against a disc or rotor to stop the car. The first three types of squeaks which are mentioned above come from disc brakes.


  1. Many cars have drum brakes which are situated on the back wheels. A curved shoe presses against the hollow drum to stop the moving car. The last squeak which is mentioned above is made by drum brakes.

Explanation of the most common types of brake squeaks

  1. Disc Brakes Squeak After the Car Sits Overnight

Most of the brakes start to squeak after sitting overnight. This generally happens when the moisture gets accumulated from the rain, dew on the surface of the rotors. A thin layer of rust is formed on the surface of the rotor when the moisture gets collected on it.

With the movement, when the rotor turns, the rust gets scraped off from the rotors and then gets caught on the brake pad. These small particles of rust then get caught on the top most edge of the brake pad. This further causes the brake to squeak.

The best way to get rid of this squeak is to store your automobile in a climate-controlled environment. The rust which gets collected on the rotors causes a thumping noise.

  1. Thinning Brake Pads

One another common cause of the brake squeak is the brake wear indicator. If you hear this sound, then it means that your brake pads are almost worn out and are getting extremely thin. Take this sound as a warning and get your brake pads replaced with new ones as soon as possible.

The wear indicators are small metal tabs which are made up of hard steel. These indicators are attached in different ways like welding them on, using a push on clip or a rivet. The rotors are then hit by steel tabs before the brake pad totally wears out. This is a warning for the driver that the pad material is getting extremely thin and would create a metal to metal situation. Nobody wants to reach such an ineffective stage of braking and metal grinding.

  1. High Metal Content in Brake Pads

Normal brake pads contain small bits of metal but some brake pads which are of cheap quality are made up of very high metal content. They have huge chunks of metal which are pressed into the pad material. High pitched brake squeak is caused when these large pieces of metal drag on the rotor.

If you want to minimize the squeaks from your brake pads, use brake pads with high content of organic brake material like resin, rubber or fibre. If more of organic brake material is used in the brake pads, then it means that the metal shavings would be less. The metal particles in the brake dust have the ability to discolour chrome and aluminium wheels.

  1. Drum Brakes that need Lubrication

Have you ever heard a squeak from the rear brakes once you have pushed on the brake pedal? This is a clear sign that the shoe-to-backing plate needs lubrication. Now when it happens, the shoes will scrape against the backing plate, thus causing a squeaking noise when the wheel s would rotate. Most of the vehicles have disc brakes on all the four wheels, while still there are some cars which use drum brakes on rear wheels.

The best way to keep this noise away is to keep all its contact points lubricated. You can use a high temperature anti-seize compound for this purpose.

If the brake pads are making annoying sounds, then it is the correct time to spend few extra bucks on your brake pads. One another reason is that your car brakes stop your car and better the quality, better would be the work done. You need not pay huge amount of money to the workers and waste your time. You will only have to invest for the parts which are damaged. Don’t worry if your car brakes are damaged as here at , we have every solution related to your automobiles. Visit us and we assure you that we won’t let you down.