Are You Going Off-Road? Parts Avatar Canada Is Here To Prepare You! Use These Off Road Checklists

Before you start your off-road journey, you must give a quick once over to the following mentioned off road checklists to make sure that:

  • Your vehicle is fully ready for the off road trip
  • Your toolbox is fully stocked with the correct tools
  • Your have carried the correct auto spare parts, general first aid supplies and survival gear
  • You have packed some optional accessories which would make your trip more enjoyable

Road Checklists

Is your car fully trail ready?

The first thing which you should make sure before leaving is that your vehicle is in perfect mechanical condition. Nobody would want to take their vehicle out on the trails only to get stuck and run into some serious problems.

If you want to check that your vehicle is trail ready and is fully capable of surviving a trip off road, then you should surely do a visual inspection both inside as well as outside. Just check all the main car parts to ensure that everything is working properly.

Now once you have fully checked your vehicle, it is the time to load the necessary gear as well as equipment on the board.

Necessities to keep on board your Vehicle

Just make sure that you have covered each and everything from the basic necessities to the advanced gear. Here are some things which you must think about:

  • The tools which you should keep on the board
  • Your personal safety and survival gear
  • Some spare parts which you should carry
  • First aid kit
  • Optional items for your convenience

Some tips for packing stuff inside the car

You must think about the ways in which you are going to pack the above mentioned items in your car. The reason behind this is that overloading would also be dangerous as you haven’t taken the right gear in the first place.

packing stuff inside the car

If you will carry weight, then it would simply lead to poor balance as well as unnecessary stress on your car as well as its components. So just be careful while packing your stuff and never ever overload the vehicle.

Now the question which arises here is that how much should you pack? The tools, spare parts and other personal stuff would totally depend upon the place where you are going and the time period. Your ultimate goal is to be fully prepared for the remoteness of the area in which you are travelling. If you want to stay confident while travelling, then you must pack enough so that you can get yourself out of the jam. But if you face a sticky situation and are not able to perform a repair yourself, then you can patiently wait for some help as you have packed the perfect things.


When you are going to pack for your next off road trip, then these checklists would surely help you a lot. Your main motive is to be prepared to face the remoteness of the area in which you will be travelling.

The last thing here which you should surely keep in mind is that you must not forget your driver’s license, proof of insurance as well as adequate money. Let someone close to you know that where you are exactly going. Now all you have to do is to fill your car tank and hit the road.

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