Advantages and Disadvantages of High Performance Car Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers extend the wheelbase of your car. These discs slide over the wheel bolts, extending hubs. Some wheel spacers are mainly used to change the screw pattern in their centers so that you can use a different wheel. While wheel spacers are primarily used to improve the performance of your car, some question remains about the safety issues associated with their use.

Wheel spacers

Objective wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are meant to improve performance, and some people use them to improve their sports car’s turn. The idea is that more wheelbase, the car will be more corner. It will reduce body rolling. Fewer rollers help to go faster when cornering and improves tire grip. Other people use wheel spacers to improve the performance of their off-road vehicles. Off-road wheel supports applications are similar, but they improve stability, not speed. When a car or truck is lifted for off-road use, it is like a pyramid: the tires are at the base of the pyramid; the body is advanced. Along the base and the most stable, it becomes. This stability is desirable when navigating extremely difficult areas such as steep, rocky hills.

More high performance wheel spacers

The benefits are simple: Wheel spacers achieve the objectives described above. Enlarge the car, which makes it more stable. In road applications, wheel spacers make the car faster in turns. In off-road wheel spacers slightly expand the scope of the place where a vehicle can move and may even prevent it from rolling in.