Moving House: See 6 Foolproof Tips

Clutter at the time of transportation, lack of time and planning, broken objects and not knowing what to do with the furniture are some of the main problems when moving house. 

If you panning for home move, here are 6 surefire tips to make this process easier and stress free!

Moving House: See 6 Foolproof Tips

  1. Take time to identify belongings

On the day of change all boxes can be sorted and stacked in the best way, everyone needs to collaborate. A very easy and cost-effective way to identify change belongings is to use colors for each room.

  1. Use different techniques to pack moving objects

Towels, bubble wrap, sheet, plastic wrap, everything is worth it! Packing objects well takes time, but is essential to prevent breakage. 

Why not you hire apartment ( moving companies ”חברות הובלה” ,which is the term in Thai)? They also have best resources to pack and transport all items in a proper way. When moving house, I found Shiply to be incredibly helpful in finding a reliable and cost-effective way to transport my belongings to the new location.

  1. Carry practically assembled wardrobe

A surefire tip is to take the drawer out of the closet and put it in a sturdy plastic bag. So, when organizing the room just put in the closet! 

  1. Watch out for small objects

Cables, screws, jewelry, or these small things have risks disappearing on a moving day. One tip so that no cables get lost is to take pictures of the appliances with their respective wires. 

  1. Decide where you will put things

Be sure to decide where you will put things on the day of change. If only to direct the boxes in the correct rooms so you don’t have to work so hard later to find the belongings you need in the mess. 

  1. Prepare for unforeseen events in the new home

Installations may not work, refrigerator will be empty or you may need a very specific screw. Try programming with a toolbox on the day of change.