How to Load and Tow Your RV

So you’re out on the road, driving smoothly on the pavement when suddenly, BAM! Your trailer starts to whip back and forth just like your hair! Jokes aside, an incident like that can be one of the scariest a trailer driver can face in his career of RV trailer driving. It happens to some who are inexperienced when loading a trailer onto their RV.


So what do you do when a situation like that happens to you in the middle of your vacation?

Panic? Panicking over a situation like that is not a good idea. When a trailer starts wagging like a dog’s tail, there’s a high chance that your trailer can get derailed as you go on the road smoothly. Once derailed, it can cause accidents to other people and cause you a lot of problems too. It all leads back to how you tied the trailer properly before moving.

So how do you load and tow an RV trailer properly?

Equalizer Hitch

An equalizer hitch is used to redistribute the weight of the entire trailer to the tow vehicle. It transfers the weight to the axle of the tow vehicle for an easy towing while on the road. It is a must to properly locate the right link point on the vehicle to avoid the “see-sawing” of the trailer when running along poor roads. It is also important to avoid adding too much tension onto the chains because of the loss of weight in the rear wheels of your tow vehicles. This can cause your car to lack control while on rain slick roads or cause you to spin your wheels when going through gravel or grass.

Sway Controls

Sway controls are used to prevent trailers from swaying. They simply help apply friction to reduce the sideway movements of the trailer caused by the tow vehicle. Sway controls are usually attached to the trailer’s tongue and to the side of the hitch on the tow vehicle. These are usually not recommended when moving long trailers since they have the tendency to naturally sway due to their weight and length.

Trailer Brakes

Trailer brakes are usually the most recommended way to help load and tow RV trailers. As the name implies, trailer brakes are usually used to help stop trailers from moving around when not being towed. When you feel that you are starting to sway while on the road, just pull on the electric brake controller for the trailer brakes to help stop the swaying behind you. Some states actually require trailer users to have trailer brakes on their trailers to avoid accidents while moving on the road.

Be safe and ready on the road. Grab all the RV tools you need to tow your RV today!