Do You Do If You Accidentally Refuel Wrong Fuel

Modern diesel engines are no longer noisy as they were in the past, so some may be at the pumping station can forget what a fuel tank. What do you do when you refuel gasoline into a diesel car (for example)?


It can happen – in a hurry and at petrol station worker can reach to the wrong gun and refuel incorrect fuel to tank. In practice, it is virtually impossible to fill up diesel to the petrol engine tank (average black pistol is significantly greater than the neck of the tank), but rather it goes.

According to the seriousness of the cases, the refueling incorrect fuel is divided into two groups. The first – the tank was pumped only a few liters of incorrect fuel (typically up to 10 percent by volume), the second group is the larger amount, in rare cases, a full tank.


After you realize your mistake, you cannot start the engine. Driving more than a few kilometers will destroy the car and the subsequent correction might come up on some repairing charges. There is also the risk of fire. If you refuel your diesel engine with only a small amount of gasoline (about 1-5 liters, depending on the volume of the fuel tank), it is possible to salvage the situation. Diesel and gasoline are mixed in a ratio that will not harm the engine, and it is possible to leave up.

If you refuel wrong fuel for a larger car, it will not start in any case and it is necessary to call a towing service to tow the car to take them to a wrong fuel recovery service center. Here, the fuel tank will be cleaned. The price of fuel draining comes to around 99 pounds and the price for towering service is separately extra.